How to choose elegant screen for office furniture

There must be screens and high partitions in the office, but also fashion, elegance, and generosity. The style and color can better reflect the corporate culture of a company and the image of a company.

The elegant office space environment makes you full of energy, and the aesthetic point of view is also comfortable. Shanghai office furniture customization teaches you how to choose the right screen. As far as the material used for the screen, there are many options.

However, I personally think that the frame made of solid wood will compare the price better, because it is not only environmentally friendly, but also feels close to nature when placed in the working environment, adding a touch of nature to the work, and the wood is not yet A situation that is prone to bending deformation. There are other materials, such as plastic, metal, the effect achieved is not so good.
The choice of the partition screen is for long-term use in the work. Of course, we should also pay attention to its production process. It should be exquisite. The edge of the screen must be flat, and the partitions should be stable, and there should be no hidden dangers that are easy to collapse.
Warm colors make people feel warm and unrestrained, intimacy; the disadvantage is that it is a bit noisy and not serious enough. Cool colors make people feel calm and refreshing, but the disadvantage is that there are many applications, and many colors lack personalization.

Neutral tones feel more solemn and serious, expressing a rational and rigorous culture, but the disadvantage is the lack of warmth. For large-area color applications, it is advisable to apply color combinations to avoid monotony.