How to place office furniture to improve your work efficiency

1. One end of the desk is best against the wall, which is more stable, and it is best not to place the desk obliquely.

2. Office furniture should be placed on the left side in front of the window.

On the one hand, the front of the window is full of light and the air is fresh, which can make the reader refreshed and happy; on the other hand, it can effectively avoid the distraction of people and traffic outside the window. If the light is too strong, you can lower the curtains to adjust.

3. Office furniture, the back door of the desk seat, it is difficult to concentrate thinking, which affects the efficiency of learning and work. It is best to visit the office furniture exhibition hall before buying, and see the display effect of the exhibition hall on the spot, so that you can plan your own office!

The ideal orientation for office furniture:

Behind the desk is a solid wall, and on the left is a window. Through the window is a beautiful natural scenery, which forms a working environment with beautiful scenery, good lighting and suitable ventilation. Working in such an environment is absolutely agile, enthusiastic and efficient. The door opens on the right corner in front of the writing desk, so it is not easily disturbed by the noise outside the door and peeped by others. If the door of the writing room is opened in the upper left corner, the position of the writing desk can also be adjusted accordingly, the effect is the same, and it is not affected by the so-called zodiac auspiciousness.