Office furniture procurement should start from these points

First, the size of the space

Office furniture must first consider the size of the space, and the office furniture should not be too compact or too sparse. If the office space is small, consider the size of the office furniture, and try not to buy those unnecessary office furniture. Some multifunctional office spaces can be planned and designed. If the office space is large enough, you can design some areas with a single function, so that when choosing office furniture, the functional considerations will be more single.

Second, the spatial layout

Secondly, the spatial layout of office furniture also directly affects the power wiring during decoration design, such as wall plugs, ground plug reservations, etc. A clean, comfortable, fresh and efficient office environment cannot be damaged by messy power lines.

Finally, the color material

Finally, the color and material of the office furniture must be considered, so that the design of the entire office space can have a sense of hierarchy and harmony, and finally present the design effect of the entire office space.