Open desks help better open minds

Open desks tend to be more casual and open in design, not only conducive to work cooperation and sharing among employees, but also better open their minds and come up with innovative ideas:

Those office spaces that limit thinking are caused by old-fashioned designs and some conservative office furniture. Today, with the impact of various trends, these should be changed and refreshed, so that the space next to the desk can be developed. Throw away the narrow and closed open office furniture and space design, let more sunlight come into contact with you, and let the blue sky and white clouds appear in your raised field of vision. Open desks tend to be more casual in design, with transparent glass, more spacious desktops, extremely low heights, bright and clean colors, and convenient communication. These are the characteristics of open office furniture and the factors that re-open your mind.

The desk is a necessary office furniture platform for office workers every day, and it is also a place where brainpower outputs and creates results. Everyday inspiration and creativity are gathered here and turned into effective use content. After all, the space created by the desk is limited, which limits the source of thinking and information inspiration to a certain extent. Maybe some changes can be made to refresh the inherent work form, simpler or more open, preferably to make the depressed thinking and mood more comfortable.

The space provided by the desk can be described as small, but I have to live there for a long time every day in order to achieve results. I can fully understand the anxiety that sometimes arises from the difficulty of thinking. In fact, the reason is that what you are facing is so simple and boring that your inspiration is dying. Some people would say that it is better to go out for a walk while sitting at the desk, so the inspiration comes naturally and lightly, but in fact, very few people can really leave their work and go out for a walk. There are only a few in a company, and most employees can’t It's true, the amateur's knowledge is not enough for a wide range of work content. Most of the thinking results occur at work and at the desk, but such thinking is too difficult and powerless, and sometimes it is a coping play. In fact, if there is more sunshine and blue sky and white clouds, people's thinking and mood will become very relaxed. If you expand the field of vision around the desk, you can achieve very effective gains.