Office furniture customization please understand these first!

At present, the types of custom office furniture mainly include conference tables, office tables, and screens. When choosing custom office furniture, be sure to determine the type and size of custom office furniture products according to the office area. If the area of ​​the office is limited, and there are many employees, it should be mainly to save space. If the office screen and table set should be as simple as possible, the volume should be relatively small, so as not to appear crowded.

It is common to hear some people complain that custom office furniture does not match the style of the office decoration. In this regard, it is recommended to determine the style of office furniture before office decoration, and then customize and purchase office furniture and sofas according to this style, so as to avoid the occurrence of inconsistent office furniture and office decoration styles. In addition, many people choose custom office furniture in addition to pursuing individuality, but also want to save money. If the budget is limited, do not do some unnecessary designs in pursuit of individuality, causing unnecessary waste.

Don't be greedy for custom office furniture. Some cheap furniture may not be faulty on the surface, but after a period of use, the materials, workmanship, and accessories of the furniture may affect the actual use. All, it is recommended that when choosing custom office furniture, first make a budget according to your actual needs, shop around, and finally determine the products you want to order.

Although customized office furniture meets individual needs, it also has many troubles. In order to avoid these problems, acceptance is very important. It can be seen whether the surface paint film is smooth, bright, whether there are quality defects such as sagging, bubbles, wrinkles, etc. It also depends on whether the color difference of the decorative panel is large, whether the pattern is consistent, whether there are corrosion points, damage, etc., various wood-based panel components Whether the edge sealing is tight and straight, with or without degumming, and whether the surface is smooth and flat, with or without bumps. In addition, it is necessary to observe the workmanship of the office furniture, which can be observed from the combined part to see the connection points between each component of the office furniture.