The boss's desk purchase can't be too casual, these methods must be mastered!

For big leaders, it is still more about Feng Shui, especially the placement of the leader's desk, and its orientation must be certain. The placement of the leader's desk is not only related to the layout of the room, but also affects the company's financial fortune. The reasonable placement of the leader's desk will make the whole person feel comfortable and work smoothly. Then, the placement of the leader's desk What are the precautions?

The chair of the leader's desk is backed against the wall, which is the most common way to place it, because only in this way can people feel a sense of security and work more at ease, and the back against the wall will save space. a lot of.

A messy desktop will make people feel upset, so you should put things you don't need in the drawer, keep the desktop clean and tidy, don't put dolls on the desktop, you will recruit villains, you can place them A pot of flowers, preferably Small fortune tree and cactus. Sharp objects cannot be placed on the table. The five elements of sharp objects belong to fire, which will lead to unnecessary troubles and poor interpersonal relationships.