Changzhou Dinghao Precision Technology Co., Ltd. is a large-scale and diversified professional production enterprise dedicated to the production of steel, aluminum and other metal structure office furniture, civil furniture and their main parts and accessories, and integrates product development, manufacturing and sales. .

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Industry experience

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Country of sale


Construction area

Establish a good corporate image and achieve impressive results in the same industry. The products are exported to 10 countries and regions including America, Europe, Southeast Asia and so on.


Perfect combination quality furniture

Most of the company's products support customization


Good location

Located in the eastern suburbs of Changzhou, a manufacturing base in the Yangtze River Delta, with convenient transportation


Product quality

Products are produced in strict accordance with IS9002 international certification standards


Equipment system

The company has successively introduced aluminum alloy die-casting machines and various types of shears and other equipment


Perfect combination quality furniture


How to choose elegant screen for office furniture

There must be screens and high partitions in the office, but also fashion, elegance, and generosity. The style and color can better reflect the corporate culture of a company and the image of a company.

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Office furniture customization please understand these first!

At present, the types of custom office furniture mainly include conference tables, office tables, and screens. When choosing custom office furniture, be sure to determine the type and size of custom office furniture products according to the office area.

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The boss's desk purchase can't be too casual, these methods must be mastered!

For big leaders, it is still more about Feng Shui, especially the placement of the leader's desk, and its orientation must be certain.

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